GOT Art Gallery is currently seeking artists to participate in


GOT Art Gallery is openings its classroom/studio space for local artists during
the Holiday Season.  Artists will be working in the gallery during business hours
so the public can see the creative process at work.  Artists will talk about their
work, and demonstrate their process as well ability to display 2 finished works
(and prints) available for sale.  We are offer 2 and 4 hour shiftGallery hours are noon-4pm so shifts available are noon-4pm,
 noon-2pm or 2pm-4pm on any of the days.  We can offer space for 2-3 artists at a time
 during each shift.
• GOT Art will be offering a discounted commission rate on work sold while you work live of 15%
and 10% on any commission pieces that results from your “Open Studio” time at in the gallery.
• No toxic materials (aerosol, varnishes or anything that requires special ventilation)
• Artists must supply all materials.
• Artist is responsible to set up and clean up Demonstration area and materials.
• All images/work must be family friendly.
• GOT Art will provide space, tables and protective table coverings during the scheduled time
• All sales will go through GOT Art Gallery.  We handle taxes, credit card fees etc.
• Payment of sales: GOT Art balances the books at the end of each month and pays out on the 15th
of the following month. (ex. If you sell in Nov your check would be mailed Dec 15th)
If you are interested in booking some studio time during our Artists-n-Action Saturdays
 please email a description of what you will be working on
as well as your website or sample images of completed work as well as dates and times
you are interested in.
Please call 816-600-5932 or email with questions.

Art Disclaimer:
Artists agree to indemnify and hold harmless, Got Art Gallery on 3rd, its owners, officers and agents from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses arising out of activities to the event hosted by Got Art Gallery on 3rd. While Got Art Gallery on 3rd carries liability insurance for shows, individual art work is not covered against theft, loss or damage. While great care will be shown in handling work, it is the artist’s responsibility to provide their own individual insurance.

Thank you for applying for our call for artists! We will be in touch with you soon.