Summer Art Camp – Week 6

This week’s camps were two Printmaking Camps, one in the front of the gallery taught by Miss Ivey and one in the back taught by Miss Heather, and Fairy Tale Mini Camp, taught by Miss Ivey. It was crazy in here, but we had so much fun!


Printmaking Camp! Ages 9-14

In this camp, we focused on making our own unique prints.


All of Miss Ivey’s example projects!

This camp’s projects included:

  • Self-Portrait Warhol Prints
  • Stamped Fish on Tissue Paper Background
  • Collaborative Stamped Fish
  • Bubble Wrap Bumble Bees
  • Flower White Glue Prints
  • Multi-prints
  • Funky Birds on a Wire



Bubble Wrap Bumble Bees


Printmaking Camp! Ages 4-8

In this camp, we focused on making our own unique prints.

This camp’s projects included:

  • Finger Print Peacock
  • Black Circle Print with Watercolor
  • Caterpillar Balloon Stamp with Bubble Wrap Painted Background
  • Self-Portrait Warhol Prints
  • Sea Creature Stamp on Tissue Paper Background
  • Village Print



Black Circle Prints with Watercolor


Sea Creature Stamp with Tissue Paper Background


Village Prints


Self-Portrait Warhol Prints


Thumb Print Peacocks


Balloon Stamped Caterpillars with Bubble Wrap Background



Fairy Tale Mini Camp! Ages 6+

This 2-day camp was full of awesome projects! We learned so much; how to draw self-portraits, painting with acrylics, how to mix hair color, working with soft pastels, learning paper weaving, and doing symmetrical paper cutting. Wow!

This camp’s projects included:

  • Sparkling Watercolor Castles
  • Royal Selfies
  • Clay Frog Prince



Clay Frog Prince


Princess Royal Selfies


Sparkling Watercolor Castles




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