Summer Art Camp – Week 5

This week’s camps are Cartooning Camp taught by Miss Ivey, with help from Miss Teresa and Miss Heather, and Americana Camp taught by Miss Heather!


Cartooning Camp! Ages 9-14

This camp focused heavily on drawing. Each project, the student learned to draw the character first then filled it in with different mediums of color.

This camp’s projects included:

  • Comic Book – Daily Entry
  • Sketch Journal
  • Classic American Mickey Mouse with Soft Pastel and Watercolor
  • Contemporary Cartoon Canvas with Acrylic
  • Manga Self Character Drawings with Professional Prismacolor Markers
  • Chibi Character Clay Sculpture
  • Chibi Drawing


Mickey Mouse Soft Pastel and Watercolor



Contemporary Cartoon Canvas with Acrylic – Most students chose to do Pokemon!


Students with their Manga self-characters, taught by professional illustrator René (The – Z) Barr



Sculpey Chibi Characters



Our finished Chibi drawings look AWESOME!

Each day, the kids added a new page to their comic books. Here are the finished results! The students are holding up their favorite page from their comic book.


Americana Camp! Ages 4-7

This was only a 2-day camp, but these kids still accomplished a lot!

This camp’s projects included:

  • American Canvas Painting
  • Patriotic Candle Holder
  • Mixed Media Scratch Art Statue of Liberty
  • American Clay Necklace

Scratch Art Statue of Liberty

Clay necklace and candle holder


American Canvas Painting

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