Summer Art Camp – Week 3

This week’s camps were Mixed Media Camp, taught by Miss Heather, and Teen Drawing, taught by Miss Ivey!

Paint, Paper, Paste: Mixed Media Camp! Ages 9-14

The students in this camp were speedy quick in completing their projects, so we added some along the way! This week’s projects included:

  • Torn Paper Painting
  • Self-Identity Collage
  • Surrealist Poster Collage
  • Pattern Birds on a Wire
  • Mixed Media Monkey Madness
  • Mod Podge Paper Mache
  • Matisse Paper Cutout
  • Cacti Painting
  • Mixed Media Collage Flowers
  • Watercolor Weaving
  • Painted Paper Sculpture

Two of our students with their self-identity collages


One student’s surrealist poster collage



Miss Heather’s example of pattern birds on a wire

Students with their mod podge paper mache hearts


One student’s Matisse Paper Cutout


Mixed Media Collage Flowers

Animal Torn Paper Paintings



Cacti Painting


Watercolor Weaving








One student’s Painted Paper Sculpture


Mixed Media Monkey Madness


Teen Drawing Camp! Ages 12+

For this camp, each day we completed a daily warm up mini drawing. Miss Ivey gave us a prompt or example, and then we created our own drawing.


Warm-Up Day 1: Testing our different pencils



Kids during Warm-Up Day 2, and examples of graffiti journal covers


Warm-Up Day 3: Gesture Figure-Drawing


One of our main projects we worked on this week was a Layer and Scratch oil pastel drawing. We drew an animal then used oil pastels in bright-colored special paint to fill it in. After our paint dried, we used tools to scratch small details into our work.


A few students’ beginning stages of the Layer and Scratch drawing

Finished Layer and Scratch drawings from three of our students


Our other main project for the week was a Grid Drawing of a silly selfie, focusing on composition and value.

Students working on their Grid Drawings



Our finished Grid Drawings turned out amazing! Here are some students’ finished products.


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