Summer Art Camp – Week 2

This week’s camps are Beach Bum and Teen Painting! Both were taught by Miss Ivey.

Beach Bum Camp! Ages 7-12

This week’s projects include:

  • Octopus Sculpture Underwater Terrarium
  • Scuba Selfies
  • Watercolor Beach Scene
  • Tropical Fish Sequin Painting
  • Under the Sea Turtle Painting
  • Watercolor Resist Jelly Fish
  • Scratch Art Sea Turtle
  • Shark Tooth Necklace
  • Shell Fossils

Miss Ivey’s example of our under the sea turtles

Jellyfish watercolor resist multimedia painting


Octopus sculpture made of Sculpey clay, inside underwater terrarium




Tropical fish mixed media acrylic painting on canvas

Shell Fossil and Shark Tooth Necklace


Watercolor Beach Scene


Sea Turtle Scratch Art


Miss Ivey’s Scuba Selfie

We had such a great group of kids for this camp, and all of the artwork turned out amazing!


Teen Painting Camp! Ages 12+

In this camp, we focused on texture, composition, color theory, and color mixing. Each day, we completed a warm up, where Miss Ivey taught us a specific skill, and then we created our own painting from her example.

Day 1 Warm Up – Color study


Warm Up Day 2 – Fauvist still life painting

Warm Up Day 3 – Painting fur




Warm Up Day 4 – Quick Movement Study


Our main project for the week was to complete a painting of an animal with feathers, fur, scales, or another fun texture. They turned out so cool! To see close-ups of each individual painting, check out our Facebook page here.

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